Thursday, December 1, 2011


This is a late blog post but I wanted to write about my dad. I am so grateful to be born into a family where my dad is an active part of my life. Somewhere I read that girls need the love of their father and if they don't have it they will go searching for it somewhere else. Sometimes this means getting themselves into relationships that may harm them. I have a cousin who's parents got divorced when she was young. Her mother was remarried but my cousin was never close to her step-father. She never really had the love of a father in her life and as was always very insecure. At 18 she was married to someone 11 years her senior (I'm not saying marrying someone a lot older than you is bad) who did not share many of our families beliefs and we all questioned her decision. Her husband is now in jail for fraud. I am attributing this situation to the fact that she went looking for love wherever she could find it and she just happened to find it with this man. It hurts me to see her struggle but makes me so grateful my father expresses his love for me and is an active part in my life.

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