Saturday, October 29, 2011

Transitions in Marriage

Yesterday (Friday) we talked about helping the father be included in the birth process and including him with the newborn. I loved the comments that were made by Brother Williams about how important it is that the father be there for the mother during the birth process. I feel that my mom was always really good about including my dad when she had the kids. He was always there when she was giving birth to coach her and hold her hand. I loved the last comment Brother Williams made about how we can have many sacred experiences together as a couple with our newborn if we include each other in the process.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Preparing for Marriage

Last week in class we talked about marriage preparation. I am also taking Family 100 and we talked about this a few weeks ago. I love this topic because this is the stage I am in. I am looking for qualities in the guys I date that I want in a future companion. I have dated a lot of guys and so far have seen a lot of qualities in them that I want in my future husband, now if only I could find one guy that possesses ALL the qualities, instead of finding some that have only one or two. Ha ha just kidding I know that I won't ever find my "perfect" man (I guess he will be perfect to me when I find him) but I can at least find someone who meets my standards. I think that the most important thing someone can do to prepare for marriage is to make themselves the kind of person they want to marry. By working on themselves first they will be able to work out some of the flaws they may have before marriage. Choosing a mate can be hard, but when one finally feels the peace associated with finding the right one, they can be sure their wait is finally over.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Same Gender Attraction

I just finished the assignment Brother Williams gave us for today. Homosexuality isn't something I have first hand experience with, but it is so sad to me how Satan is confusing gender roles in today's society. I find it really sad that just because some boys are "different" they feel they must be gay. I have a friend from high school who "came out of the closet" the summer after we graduated. I discussed it with my friends and we decided that it was just because that society "told" him that since he dressed really nice and was very touchy-feely, he must be gay. I know that Heavenly Father created us to be men and women and that is what we are supposed to be. We each have divine roles that could not be carried out if we were a different gender. He made us attracted to the opposite gender so that we could have families, and I personally don't like the excuse some people use that they are "made that way."

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Family Roles

I found the information for this week fascinating! I loved learning about family roles and the effect it takes on a family when a member is missing. The article we had to read helped me understand just what toll it takes on a family to have a member missing. I thought it was sad that the Hispanic immigrants had to adjust so much just to help their children get ahead. Family is so important to me and I would be crushed if I had to give it up.