Friday, October 14, 2011

Same Gender Attraction

I just finished the assignment Brother Williams gave us for today. Homosexuality isn't something I have first hand experience with, but it is so sad to me how Satan is confusing gender roles in today's society. I find it really sad that just because some boys are "different" they feel they must be gay. I have a friend from high school who "came out of the closet" the summer after we graduated. I discussed it with my friends and we decided that it was just because that society "told" him that since he dressed really nice and was very touchy-feely, he must be gay. I know that Heavenly Father created us to be men and women and that is what we are supposed to be. We each have divine roles that could not be carried out if we were a different gender. He made us attracted to the opposite gender so that we could have families, and I personally don't like the excuse some people use that they are "made that way."

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