Sunday, November 20, 2011

Work and the family

This week we discussed how the family is affected when both parents are working outside the home. In my sociology class we also have been discussing past decades and how children in the 80's were known as 'latchkey' kids. This is because society saw an increase in the number of both parents working so the when the kids came home everyday they had to use a key to get into their homes. In my FAM100 class we were also discussing how children are affected when mom works outside the home and Brother Gardner shared this statistic with us: Between the hours of 3-5 pm is when most teens lose their virginity. WOW! Lets see...3-5 pm is the time when kids get home from school and the hours before the parents get home from work. Wouldn't it be wonderful if this statistic could be changed by mothers being there for their children when they get home from school? I understand that his may not be possible for some families but for those that can then they should. Children need their mothers!

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